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access Ikebukuro Station 2 minprice CUT ¥5,500


  • Hermitage
  • Hermitage

The beauty salon near West Gate of Ikebukuro, “Hermitage”. 10,000 or more color variations, hair straightening with amino acid, and technique of treatment!

Ikebukuro Beauty Salon If you choose Beauty Salon, hair straightening Treatment Hair Extention Coloring Hermitage,really good head massages, to solve your


  • 【New limited】Color + cut + BC KUR treatment¥19,000→¥13,000
  • 【New limited】Color + Cut + 11 step Hakoniko TR¥21,000→¥15,000
  • 【New limited】Amino straightening¥21,000→¥20,000


Aile D’or

access Ikebukuro Station C6 exit a 5 min walkprice CUT ¥5,400

Aile D’or

The salon opens from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m..[aile d’or]Let’s be beautiful in way to home or free time! All of the chemical treatment includes the high-class TR.

Using the latest chemical ingredients such as oggiotto and Illumina Color, we have a special care of hair without damage and gloss of hair under the concept “Even if it’s any hair type, change it more beautiful.”,


accessGaienmae station 4 min / Harajuku (Meiji Jingumae station) 10 min / Omotesando station 13 minpriceCut ¥6,480

【ASSORT TOKYO】Because there are technologies that can deal with multinational races, we will offer only one design!

[Available in English] International hair salon popular in Tokyo, NY, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands. The secret of popularity is Japan’s boasting technology and the idea of the world! Of course it is necessary to incorporate trends, but that style does not necessarily suit everyone. The important thing is to make a balance that suits each person while incorporating trends.


accessAkasaka Mitsuke Station 10 min. / Akasaka Station 5 min.priceCut ¥4,200

SIETE is a hena specialty beauty salon that uses natural 100% hena or herb blended hena (natural ingredient 100%).

Hari, Kosi · shiny is given by the effect of natural henna, hair is protected from ultraviolet rays, Detoxification such as promotion of sleep, detoxification of liver / kidney, improvement of menstrual irregularity etc · Effects such as scalp dirt and removal of excess oil are reported as research results. Henna is gentle to the body, so during pregnancy / nursing, we are very popular with customers who have allergies / possession of disease. Those who have uncomfortable feeling such as painful scalp looking in color please try Henna by all means.

One World

accessTokyoMetoro-Nanbokuline exit4 /Toei-Oedoline exit7 Azabujuban,Station 3minpriceCut ¥5,500

One World Hair Salon, a hidden little gem, in the heart of Azabu Juban since March 2014.

Thanks to our Salons location, We have welcomed international clients from over 62 different countries so far. We all speak English here in One World, please do not worry about any troubles with language communication! Trust us and tell us how you want your hair styled-We will help you to create a hairstyle that brightens up your day. For an appointment, please call us at 03-6459-4354 . We are looking forward to welcoming you very soon in our salon!


accessNanboku line Azabu-juban 4exit / Oedo line Azabu-juban 7exitpriceCut ¥7,000

Hair cutting & styling by top stylist who experienced in New York. I am good at personal skeleton, New York dry cut according to the atmosphere, original cutting line and styling, and I am constantly creating styles that are not bound by conventional frame.

Melting spot that connects people. Bonds salon wishes to be such a place for our customers. As well as hair cut & styling by top stylists who have experienced in New York, we have counters that you can talk to galleries events and friends with a friendly atmosphere, beyond the frame of hair salon. Please feel free to visit the Hair Salon & Flexible (Flexible) space, Bonds Salon, which takes care of the possibilities of people’s connection.

Vip Creative Hair International

accessHiroo station 1st exit 8 min. / Roppongi station 1 C walking exit 9 min.priceCut ¥6,000

【All Seats Private Room】 Customers who chose vip from a lot of salons and visited us will be V.I.P important to everyone.

Professional hair stylists with overseas careers will work with you to improve your hair and scalp problems and help you bring out the original beauty along with your new hair style suggestions.
Our shop original manipulation shampoo & massage using technique also received a high popularity from many people. Please certainly receive your special vip service.

Gold Salon Tokyo Azabu

access4th exit at Azabu-Juban station 1minutepriceCut ¥8,500〜

Gold Salon is Tokyo’s leading Australian owned and managed hair salon. Our team all speak English.

Gold’s Australian owner constantly trains the team, assuring all staff are kept up to date with current hair directions from abroad.

Gold Salon Tokyo Omotesando

accessOmotesando station A2exit 1minutepriceCut ¥8,500〜

Gold Salon is Tokyo’s leading Australian owned and managed hair salon. Our team all speak English.

Gold’s Australian owner constantly trains the team, assuring all staff are kept up to date with current hair directions from abroad.

Hair Dress Azabu

accessAzabujuban Station 7th exit 2 minpriceCut ¥4,500〜

Just a 2 minute walk from Exit 7 of Azabu Juuban station,we are a membership-based hair salon.

Please come and relax in our spacious and welcoming studio. Our experience overseas allows us to cater for customers of any nationality and our staff are happy to work with you in English.